Bút máy PICASSO 902

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Thân bút được làm từ hợp kim cao cấp, sơn tĩnh điện nhiều màu: Đỏ rượu vang, Đen,...
Cài bút bằng thép mạ Vàng/Crom.
Cỡ ngòi F 0.5mm
Thích hợp làm quà tặng
700.000 đ

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Thông số kỹ thuật:
  • Thân bút được làm từ hợp kim cao cấp, sơn tĩnh điện nhiều màu.
  • Cài bút bằng thép mạ crom/vàng
  • Dài 137mm, đường kính 11mm
  • Nặng 37g
  • Cỡ ngòi F (0.5mm)

902 Gentleman Collection
Pure black, blue, sliver holder, gilded solid relievo, black glided relivo and cameleon red are for the fantastic and elegant facial expressions of father, and the attractive evening dress of British gentlemen. The curve at the pen tip is graceful, like an elegant gentleman, the outstanding caving and solid engraving craftwork is restrained and profound, so all flamboyance and emulsion instantly become pale and weak. The collection is specially made for commemorating Picasso’s father, and the signature on the top cap adds more gentleman temperament.
Brand Name Picasso 902
Nib M (steel nib)
Length 137mm
Diameter 11mm
Net weight 37g
Cap push type
Converter screw type
Quantity 1pcs in gift box
Color Carnelian
PS The packaging will be changed by manufacturer sometimes, may not 100% as the following photos
Description Picasso Art Collection, being globalizingly designed and promoted, with the theme of the combination of art and life, has manufactured numerous exquisite products under the aim of “Turning life into art where as turning art into life. In Italy, Germany, Switzerland, US, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, which has formed a remarkable image of art, high quality and multinationality.

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